Diabetes Neuropathy Management (Episode 2)

Diabetes Neuropathy Management (Episode 2)

📌”Meet the Expert Medical Program

👉”Diabetes Neuropathy Management (Episode 2):Neuropathic Pain Management

Dear Doctors,

📌It’s time for our academic program; “Meet the Expert“to enhance the medical knowledge of diabetes neuropathy regarding the neuropathic pain management.

📌The program is about interactive academic discussion by the expert endocrinologist Prof. Dr. Ko Ko and a Family Physician Dr. Htay Win.

📌If you have any questions or concerns, please kindly drop your questions in the comment box below.

👉We would also like to share that “Diabetes Neuropathy Management (Episode 3):Autonomic Neuropathy Management” will be uploaded on 4th, December, 2023 (Monday).

✅This program is supported by Nervolin (Pregabalin 75mg + Methylcobalamine 750mcg).

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