Once Weekly Anti Diabetic Agent; Trela 50 (The First and Only in Myanmar)

Dear Doctors,
We, Zifam, would like to proudly introduce our Once Weekly Anti Diabetic Agent; Trela 50 (Trelagliptin 50 mg) which is the first and the only one in Myanmar.
The roles of an evidence-based once-weekly DPP4 inhibitor: Trela 50 in Type 2 DM are as follows.
  • Similar efficacy and safety compared to once-daily DPP4 inhibitors
  • Low risk of hypoglycemia, well tolerated, and less serious adverse events
  • Higher rate of patient compliance >97%
  • Reduce the pill burden
The recommended Dosage is two tablets of Trela 50 once a week or as directed by the physician.
Remark: Trela 50 is a prescription only medicine and should not be taken without consulting a physician.